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Table 2 Process Evaluations

From: Evaluations of postoperative transitions in care for older adults: a scoping review

Author and year; study design Discharge planning Complete Communication of information Availability, timeliness, clarity, and organization of information Medication Safety Educating patients to promote self-management Enlisting help of social and community supports Advance care planning Coordinating care among team members Monitoring and managing symptoms after discharge Outpatient follow-up
Missel et al. 2015; Quasi-experimental intervention study X     X X     
Middleton et al. 2004; Randomized Controlled Trial      X      
Shargall et al. 2016; Pilot retrospective cohort study       X     
Xourafas et al. 2016; Observational cohort study X X    X      X
Weinberg et al. 2007; Prospective cohort study      X      X
Weinberg et al. 2007; Prospective cohort study         X   
Brooke et al. 2019; Qualitative interview study   X       X   
Wong et al. 2018; Pilot qualitative study     X X     X X
Slager et al. 2017; Qualitative interview study         X   
Hughes et al. 2000; Descriptive qualitative study      X      
Total 2 2 0 1 6 2 0 3 1 3