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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: Barriers and enablers to physical activity behaviour in older adults during hospital stay: a qualitative study guided by the theoretical domains framework

Patient code Sex Age (years) Ability to walk independently on the day of the interview Walking aid Received PT during hospital
PA performed 2 weeks prior to admission
P0001 Male 84 Yes Walker Yes -Walking in and around the house (50–60 m.)
P0002 Female 71 Yes Walker Yes -Fitness (1 h per week)
-Walking (<  1 km)
-Cycling to grocery store
-Volunteer work at elderly home
P0003 Male 83 Yes Walker Yes -Walking inside the house
P0004 Male 82 Yes Walker No -Walking inside the elderly home
-Dancing (behind the walker)
-Performing activities of daily living
P0005 Male 85 Yes None No -Nordic walking (5 km)
-Volunteer work (walking, repairing bicycles)
-Doing groceries
P0006 Female 82 Yes Walker Yes -Walking (30 min per day)
-Performing household activities
P0007 Male 91 Yes Cane No -Walking (once per week, 1 km)
-Doing groceries
-Performing household activities
P0008 Female 75 Yes Walker No -No physical activity performed, only lying in bed
P0009 Female 75 Yes None Yes -Performing household activities
P0010 Male 87 Yes None Yes -Walking (200-300 m. per day)
-Performing household activities
P0011 Male 83 Yes None Yes -Walking to grocery store (350 m.)
-Performing household activities
P0012 Female 73 No Walker Yes -Swimming (once per week)
-Walking to grocery store (twice per week, < 1 km.)
-Following an exercise program on the television
  1. PT Physiotherapy, PA Physical activity