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Table 1 Sample of questions and prompts for all participants

From: What constitutes ‘good’ home care for people with dementia? An investigation of the views of home care service recipients and providers

Can you tell me about your experience of receiving/providing formal/paid home care?
(prompt) Type and frequency of support
(prompt) Alignment with current needs
What is your opinion about the home care you are receiving/providing?
Can you tell me what you like/do not like about the home care you receive/provide?
• Type and frequency
• Level of interaction/engagement
• Appropriateness to current needs
How would you describe the relationship between yourself and the other people involved in receiving/providing home care? Could it be improved?
Can you tell me about the role the home care worker/client plays in your life?
• Working as a team
• Communication and engagement
What do you think makes a great care worker, rather than a satisfactory (or just okay) one?
Have you any suggestions for improvements that can be made to the kind of care you receive/provide from your current home care services program?
How could your experience be improved?
How do you think the care recipient’s experience could be improved?
What do you think should be included in the PITCH training program?
• Dementia knowledge
• Practical strategies for providing care
• Attitude and communication