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Table 3 Variations in the in-hospital PCI and evidence-based pharmacotherapies for Malaysian octogenarians with ACS, presented as adjusted OR and 95%CI

From: Intervention and in-hospital pharmacoterapies in octogenarian with acute coronary syndrome: a 10-year retrospective analysis of the Malaysian National Cardiovascular Database (NCVD) registry

  1. aOR (adjusted Odds Ratio) and 95% CI (confidence interval) was calculated using binary logistic regression
  2. The OR and 95% CI for intervention and in-hospital pharmacotherapies were adjusted for gender, ethnicities, types of ACS, risk factors and comorbidities
  3. Reference: Gender1 men; ethnicity2 Malay; types of ACS3 STEMI; cumulative risk factors41/5
  4. For risk factor and comorbidities, the references were those without the respective risk factors and comorbidities
  5. Excluded from analysis due to low number of exposures: Intervention- CABG; Co-morbidities – cerebrovascular and vascular
  6. *NC: Not computed. Data was not computed due to low number of participants
  7. ns: not significant (p > 0.05)