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Table 1 Triggerlist from the Dutch guideline “Polypharmacy in the older patient” [13]

From: Control in the Hospital by Extensive Clinical rules for Unplanned hospitalizations in older Patients (CHECkUP); study design of a multicentre randomized study

Trigger (adverse clinical event) Often involved medication
Fracture / fall Psychotropic medication (falls)/ corticosteroids / antihypertensive drugs
Collapse / hypotension / dizziness Cardiac medication (antihypertensive drugs and antiarrhythmics)/ psychotropic medication
Bleeding (GI tract)/ supratherapeutic INR Anticoagulants
Antiplatelet drugs
Electrolyte imbalance / dehydration Diuretics, ACEi, AII-blocker, NSAID, antidepressants
Renal insufficiency ACEi, AII-blocker, NSAID
Hypo- or hyperglycaemia Insulin/oral antidiabetics, Corticosteroids
Heart failure NSAID
Obstipation / ileus Opioids / calcium blockers
Vomiting / diarrhea Antibiotics
Delirium / confusion / drowsiness Psychotropic medication / cardiac medication / medication for micturition complaints / benzodiazepines