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Table 3 Preferred solutions for improved adherence to the recommendation

From: Adherence and barriers to the vitamin D and calcium supplement recommendation at Danish nursing homes: a cross-sectional study

  n (%)
GP should prescribe the supplements in CMC 28 (82)
The medication lists should be reviewed to de-prescribe unnecessary medication 28 (82)
Nursing home staff needs more knowledge about the recommendation 26 (76)
The supplements should be given as chewing-tablets, droplets, or sprays 22 (65)
Nursing home should take initiative and get accept from GP to give and document supplementation in internal care record system 11 (32)
The families of the residents should be included 10 (29)
  1. Values are presented as n (%). n = 34. Data show number of respondents rating each of six given solutions 4 or 5 on a 1–5 scale where 1 corresponds to not important at all and 5 to extremely important. Abbreviations: CMC; Common Medicine Card (The central electronic database for prescription of medicine), GP; General practitioner