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Table 7 Framework Matrix for Barriers and Enablers

From: Potential value of home square-stepping exercises for inactive older adults: an exploratory case study

Participant # Self-reported barriers Senior fitness Pre-post
Intensity Themes
Participant 2
Age 74
BMI 30.4
Uncomfortable in fitness facility
Access to opportunities
Suitable programs
Hard to keep intensity
Endurance: 25
Lower strength:10
Agility: 10
Upper strength:25
Balance: 3 s
3403–3674 23% Prefers home exercise [enabler]: I don’t like changing in front of people, I can’t balance and can’t get my clothes on. I don’t want people watching that… I have had unpleasant experience with changing with people watching and me exercising
Hard to keep intensity [barrier]: It's hard, it’s really boring, I was just counting, boring, easier if I had a radio program on, I organized it around radio programs, then it was easy. It's mentally hard when nothing is playing
Participant 8
Age 75
BMI 34.1
Not a priority
Uncomfortable in fitness facility
Endurance: 50
Lower strength: 25
Agility: 25
Upper strength: 24
Balance: 2 s
5412–4008 9% Home equipment [enabler]: the materials I used were just great! I didn’t have to buy anything new…
Hard to keep intensity [barrier]: Too much at once. If I just cut down and do 5-min and got do my exercises and maybe a week or two later, I add a minute and I can work up to 10 min
Participant 4
Age 70
BMI 32.1
Hard to keep intensity
Access to opportunities
Endurance: 75
Lower strength: 90
Agility: 50
Upper strength: 70
Balance: 14 s
7129–10,952 79% Prefers home exercise [enabler]: I like doing it at home, I wouldn’t go to a gym, I never been to one in my life, I get out and I do a lot around the yard and the house…
Lack of time [barrier]: If the work hadn’t had come up it wouldn’t had been a big deal… this would’ve been fun
Participant 5
Age 67
BMI 33.1
Social support
Suitable programs
Endurance: 90
Lower strength: 90
Agility: 75
Upper strength: 50
Balance: 25 s
6921–10,688 54% Convenience [enabler]: The fact that the program is all set up and it's not difficult to do on your own… we’ve got the thing [Home Steps mat], we have time, we have Alexis [AI device] for a timer… we had a backpack with a weight in it…
Pain [barrier]: When I was younger, I use to go to the gym all the time, step classes etc., but now you know bad knees and feet or back and now you don’t do those kinds
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