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Table 2 Association of Co-occurring Sarcopenia and CHD with New onset of Depressive Symptoms

From: Sarcopenia and coronary heart disease synergistically increase the risk of new onset depressive symptoms in older adults

Variables Normal CHD alone Sarcopenia alone Co-occurring P-value
The onset depressive symptoms (%) 52(8.2) 29(16.7)a 12(19.0)a 10(40.0)a,b,c <0.001
Logistic regression analyses odd ratio (95% CI)
 Unadjusted 1.00(Reference) 2.24(1.38,3.66)a 2.64(1.32,5.26)a 7.47(3.20,17.47)a,b,c  
 Adjusted1 1.00(Reference) 1.78(1.05,3.02)a 2.79(1.26,6.22)a 7.19(2.75,18.81)a,b,c  
  1. Notes: CI confidence interval
  2. 1 Adjusted for age, sex, BMI, widowed, education, falling history, drinking, MNA-SF, sleep duration, sleep quality, hypotensive drugs, hypoglycemic drugs, cardiovascular drugs, sleep drugs and CCI
  3. aP < 0.05 versus Normal, bP < 0.05 versus CHD alone, c P < 0.05 versus Sarcopenia alone