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Table 1 The CHESS Scale

From: Outcomes of advance care directives after admission to a long-term care home: DNR the DNH?

The CHESS scale: The RAI MDS 2.0 is completed by trained assessors. These make use of all possible sources of information to assess a LTCH resident. CHESS scale scores range from 0 (no health instability) to 5 (very high health instability) based on the following: 
• 1 point each for recent (within 2 weeks) decline in Activities of Daily Living and Cognitive Performance;
• Up to 2 points for the presence of any of the following: insufficient fluid intake, peripheral edema, shortness of breath, vomiting, weight loss, decrease in food eaten;
• 1 point based on the clinical judgement of a physician that a resident has at most 6 months to live.