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Table 1 Interview schedule for understanding clinicians’ views on MCI

From: Assessing and disclosing test results for ‘mild cognitive impairment’: the perspective of old age psychiatrists in Scotland

1. Are you likely to use the term Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) with patients in your care?
2. How do you describe the condition of MCI to your patients in terms of it being a diagnosis/label/description of symptoms etc.?
3. When you inform a patient of their MCI status, what do you say to them?
4. Do you refer to any evidence or conversion rates around the prognosis?
5. Is that consistent in how you communicate about MCI with all your patients? If not, what influences your communication with different patients?
6. What sort of responses do you commonly get from patients when you communicate about MCI?
7. What investigations do you rely on when identifying MCI?
8. How informative are current tests for MCI in your view?