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Table 2 Categories and subcategories from the focus groups

From: What do geriatric rehabilitation patients and experts consider relevant? Requirements for a digitalised e-coach for sustainable improvement of nutrition and physical activity in older adults – a qualitative focus group study

Category Subcategory
Contents of the information provision Physical activity topics
Nutritional topics
Forms of information distribution Design of educational elements
Layout of the screen for nutritional feedback
Layout of the screen for physical activity feedback
Barriers to the use of the e-coach Personal interest
Integration into daily life
Dealing with technology
Barriers due to the use of individual strategies
Design aspects
Design of exercises
Motivating factors Motivation through personal interest
Motivation through contents of the e-coach
Motivation through social aspects
Helpful features and settings Own existing technical know-how
Design and construction of the e-coach
Issues related to the exercises
Individual support while using the system
Support by the program