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Table 1 Participants’ professions

From: Health care professionals’ perspectives on self-management for people with Parkinson’s: qualitative findings from a UK study

ID Profession
Focus group 1: GP practice Practice nurses x 2
Health Care Assistant x 1
GP x 6
GP Trainees x 2
Focus group 2: community based outpatient MDT OT Consultant team lead x 1
Physiotherapists of differing grades x 3
Therapy assistant x 1
Speech and Language Therapist x 1
Continuing care nurse x 1
Community Matron x 1
Focus group 3: hospital clinic based MDT Parkinson’s disease nurse x 1
Clinic nurse x 1
Consultant neurologist x 1
Physiotherapist x 1
Consultant Geriatrician x 1
Occupational Therapist x 1
Focus group 4: Hospital based neurology team Neurologists x 2
Parkinson’s Disease Nurse x 1
Individual interviews (n=15) Community speech and Language Therapist x 1
GP x 1
Trainee Neurologist x 1
Neurologist consultant (non PD specialist) x 1
Foundation Doctor (junior trainee) x 1
Hospital pharmacist x 1
Community Occupational Therapist/Care Co-ordinator x 1
Trainee geriatrician x 1
Hospital Social Worker x 1
Community Social Worker x 2
Community dietician x 1
Hospice based Palliative care nurse x 1
Clinical psychologist x 1
Consultant Psychiatrist (older adults) x 1