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Table 5 Floor coverage and proportion of falls occurring on target areas with intervention

From: The SAFEST review: a mixed methods systematic review of shock-absorbing flooring for fall-related injury prevention

Study ID Intervention Areas covered by intervention flooring Total no. of falls % of falls on target areas
Drahota 2013 [14, 69] Tarkett Omnisports Excel Hospital bays (bedded areas excluding bathrooms and corridors) 68 75%
Hanger 2017 [57] Tarkett Omnisports Excel, Kradal, & SmartCells Hospital bays (bedded areas excluding bathrooms and corridors) 323 86%
Care homes
Mackey 2019 [16] SmartCells Resident rooms (living, bathroom, and closet areas) excluding common areas (dining rooms, hallways, lounges, outside areas). Not described; only bedroom falls reported.
Gustavsson 2018 [15] Kradal Resident apartments, communal dining room, corridor (excluding bathrooms and outdoor areas) 851 78%