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Table 4 Adverse events associated with staff outcomes

From: The SAFEST review: a mixed methods systematic review of shock-absorbing flooring for fall-related injury prevention

Study ID Main findings Comments Risk of bias
Drahota 2013 [14] Concerns raised and 1 pulled lower back in intervention arm. No adverse events reported in control arm (12 month follow-up). More data provided in qualitative outcomes. Low
Hanger 2020   [68] There were no statistically significant differences in staff injuries between intervention (28 injuries in 30 months) and concurrent control wards (average 30 injuries per ward), or with the post-intervention control ward (45 injuries in 30 months). Quality of reporting improved post-intervention. High
Mackey 2019  [16] The intervention did not increase force-induced musculoskeletal injuries (24 month follow-up). Unpublished data. Based on pre-post nested design. Not assessed