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Table 1 Web-based frailty assessments

From: Web-based software applications for frailty assessment in older adults: a scoping review of current status with insights into future development

Web-based Frailty Assessment Tool Yeara Provided byb Purpose of Toolc Website URLd
Edmonton Frail Scale 2015 QxMD,
“A simple tool to assess frailty in older patients”
Myeloma Frailty Score Calculator 2015e International Myeloma Working Group, collaborative effort involving USA, Canada, and European countries “Predicts mortality and the risk of toxicity in elderly myeloma patients”
Johns Hopkins Frailty Assessment Calculator 2016 Johns Hopkins,
“A standardized, evidenced-based method to assess frailty across clinical and research settings”
G8 Health Status Screening Tool 2017f Evidencio, Netherlands “Identifies elderly cancer patients who would benefit from comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA)”
Liver Frailty Index 2017e University of California San Francisco, USA “A tool specifically developed to objectively measure physical function in patients with cirrhosis”
QFrailty Risk Calculator 2017 ClinRisk Ltd., England “Works out your risk of developing Frailty”
Frailty Risk Calculator 2018e SmartData, University of Bologna, Italy “Evaluates the probability of being either hospitalized or dying within next year for over 65 population living in Bologna”
Senior Health Calculator 2018 Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center,
“Collects items of a comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) to calculate a frailty index (FI)”
Modified Frailty Index 2019f Evidencio, Netherlands “Evaluates risk of both morbidity and mortality in general surgery patients older than 60 years”
MDS Specific Frailty Index 2020 QxMD,
“Frailty scale specific to those patients with myelodysplastic syndrome that improves prognostication.”
CIRS-G Not available from the original source MDCalc,
“Quantifies the burden of disease in elderly patients (comorbidity scale)”
Frailty Group Calculator 2021 University of Oslo, Norway “The frailty score (1 to 20) is calculated by multiplication of the weighted scores for… four geriatric assessment variables”
  1. aYear the tool was created, unless otherwise indicated below
  2. bOrganization/company provided the web application, regardless the original assessment
  3. cAs described in the tool
  4. dThe webpage under the present evaluation
  5. e Publication date of the corresponding article
  6. f Date of last revision