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Table 5 Intervention Components (PRISMS Taxonomy) in studies with significant improvements in Quality of Life, wellbeing or function

From: Systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical effectiveness of self-management interventions in Parkinson’s disease

Intervention Patient Education Programme Parkinson’s Self-guided Exercise Rehab + Self-management Telephone- Cognitive behaviour therapy Psycho-education Propath National Parkinsons School Education Early Management Programme Essence Mindfulness PD Wellbeing Programme Integrated Parkinson’s Care Network Home Exercise
Study significant finding
*significantly better than control
Others are pre-post changes
m=month, w=week
*improved psychosocial impact of disease on carers (A’Campo) [28]
Improved psychosocial impact of disease (Macht) [48]
*improved health & wellbeing (Collett) [18] *improved QoL (Tickle-Degnen) [30] *improved health status (Dobkin) [19] improved QoL, psychological adjustment & carer coping (Navarta-Sanchez) [20] Improved UPDRS & self efficacy domain of QoL measure (Montgomery) [33] improved QoL & health status (Hellqvist) [58] improve (ed ADLs (17w not post) (Sunvisson) [50] improved SM (Gruber) [47] improved QoL ADL domain (Advocat) [25] improved QoL (post, not at 12 m) (Horne) [42] improved QoL (6 m, not 3 m), perception of support (3+ 6 m) (Mestre) [41] improved QoL (King) [26]
1. Information about Parkinson’s/ its management x x x
2. Information about available resources x x x x x x
3. Clinical action plans x Exercise plan x x x x Exercise plan
4. Regular clinical review x Therapist, short term Therapist, short term Therapist, short term x Remote, short term x x x x Therapist, short term x
5. Monitoring of condition with feedback Therapist-led x x Questionnaire Self-monitor, no feedback x Self-monitor, no feedback Self-monitor, no feedback x
6. Practical support with adherence x x x x x x x x x x x
7. Provision of equipment x Gym access x x x x x x x CD pack x x x
8. Access to advice or support x x x x x x x x x x x
9. Training to communicate with HCPs x x x x x Information about professional support x x x
10. Training for everyday activities x exercise x x x x x x indirect exercise
11. Training for practical self-management activities x x Indirect x
12. Training for psychological strategies x x x Indirect x
13. Social support x Group based;
18 h group
x Group based Group based Indirect x
14. Lifestyle advice and support x x
  1. Description where there is partial or ambiguous inclusion of component
  2. HCP Healthcare professional
  3. x = not present in intervention
  4. = present in intervention