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Table 3 Guideline adherence over all PwD on item level

From: Dementia care and the role of guideline adherence in primary care: cross-sectional findings from the DemTab study

Items of the checklist na Yesb (%)
Was a basic geriatric assessment conducted? 88 93.2
Which of the following diagnostic examinations were conducted?
 Physical examination and psychopathological/psychiatric evaluation 89 94.3
 Laboratory tests 88 94.3
 Differential diagnostics 84 76.2
 Cognitive and neuropsychological tests 84 78.6
 Recent medical history 83 74.7
 CT/MRI scans 81 72.8
Did the GP administer a cognitive screening test? 85 54.1
Were further physical impairments/medical conditions assessed? 90 87.8
Were further mental health impairments/psychiatric conditions assessed? 89 74.2
Did the PwD/family caregiver receive advice concerning psychological and behavioral symptoms of dementia? 82 91.5
Was the entire current medication assessed and discussed? 85 95.3
Were pharmacological treatment options for dementia discussed with the PwD/family caregiver? 81 65.4
Were non-pharmacological interventions for dementia discussed with the PwD/family caregiver? 84 72.6
Were non-pharmacological interventions recommended or prescribed? 84 54.8
Is the PwD currently being treated by a dementia specialist? 84 61.9
Were further care services for PwD discussed with the PwD/family caregiver? 84 64.3
Was the PwD/family caregiver informed about local support services for PwD? 75 54.7
Was a care plan developed with the PwD/family caregiver? 82 54.9
Were daily activities and how to maintain them discussed with the PwD/family caregiver? 82 79.3
Were self-help measures discussed with the PwD/family caregiver? 84 69.0
Were newly emerging risks assessed and discussed? 80 62.5
Were driving skills or lack thereof discussed with the PwD/family caregiver? 59 49.2
Was the PwD/family caregiver approached about an application for a care level from the German nursing care insurance? 79 79.7
Was the PwD/family caregiver made aware of their rights and the availability of local advocacy services? 81 67.9
Was palliative care discussed? 73 19.2
Was the caregiver stress level discussed in detail with the family caregiver? 81 74.1
Was the family caregiver informed about support offers for family caregivers? 79 87.1
  1. N = 28 GP, Adherence to German Dementia Guideline was self-reported by each GP on patient’s level (for each participating PwD), na = total number of PwD for whom adherence to the specific recommendation (item) was rated by the treating GP, Yesb = percentage of PwD for whom treating GPs reported following a specific recommendation (=being adherent to guideline recommendation)