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Table 1 Summary of data charting form

From: Integrated primary care and social services for older adults with multimorbidity in England: a scoping review

• Title
• Author
• Year
• Study design (RCT, Scoping Review or Case Study etc)
• Geographical Location (Manchester, Norfolk or London, etc)
• Setting (Social care, primary care or care home etc)
• Sample type (GP, patient, social worker or relative, etc)
• Source of data (Primary research, secondary analysis or commentary, etc)
• Primary aim of study, research or document (As set out in study abstract)
• Method (Questionnaire, semi-structured interviews or scoping review, etc)
• Key findings/themes (As set out in study abstract)
• Examples of integrated care provided (Any examples of integrated care practice, initiatives, structures, models, etc., e.g. Case Management Model, Chronic Care Model; Social Prescribing)
• Clinical or practice integration (micro-level), e.g. the extent to which staff, management and patient records etc., are integrated
• Organisational integration (meso-level), e.g. the extent to which integration of services has been achieved across different organisations
• System integration (macro-level), e.g. the degree of alignment of rules and integration of policies within a health and social system.