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Table 1 Indicators used by Vektis for the cohort of elderly ≥75 years in 2009

From: General health, healthcare costs and dental care use of elderly with a natural dentition, implant-retained overdenture or conventional denture: an 8-year cohort of Dutch elderly (aged 75 and over)

  Elderly with natural dentition Elderly with conventional denture Elderly with implant-retained overdenture
Dental care Received dental care in 2009 Received a removable upper and lower denture in 2009 Received dental implants and an implant-retained removable overdenture in upper and/or lower jaw in 2009
Dental treatment Received one of following treatments:
- Endodontic treatment
- Tooth extraction/surgery
- Fixed dental prosthesis (without implants)
- Periodontal surgery
- Direct dental restoration
Received one of following treatments:
- New complete denture
- Relining or rebasing of upper and lower denture
Received the following treatments:
- Placement of dental implants
- Implant-retained overdenture