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Table 3 Final prediction model on fall rate and performance measures

From: Development of a multivariable prognostic PREdiction model for 1-year risk of FALLing in a cohort of community-dwelling older adults aged 75 years and above (PREFALL)

Sample size (n) 241
Number of events (falls) 178
Intercept and predictors Beta coefficient
Intercept −6.89417948
Short-cycle higher education (completed) 0.14752490
Medium-cycle higher education 0.22365429
Occasional dizziness (present) 0.17787573
Weekly alcohol consumption: 7–14 units (yes) 0.28918905
Fallen within the last year (yes) 0.50322396
Self-perceived falls risk (will fall) 0.74611041
VES score 0.01768701
3 points on GDS 1.21255321
 Apparent mean squared error 1.11
 Bootstrapped mean squared error (95% CI) 1.92 (0.81–5.10)
 Apparent mean absolute error 0.80
 Bootstrapped mean absolute error (95% CI) 0.88 (0.71–1.16)
  1. Notes: VES score Vulnerable Elders Survey 13 score, GDS Geriatric Depression Scale with 4 items, kg kilogram, CI Confidence interval