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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: The (cost-)effectiveness of an implemented fall prevention intervention on falls and fall-related injuries among community-dwelling older adults with an increased risk of falls: protocol for the in balance randomized controlled trial

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
• Adults aged ≥65 years
• Classified as non-frail or pre-frail based on the phenotype concept introduced by Fried et al. (weight loss, weak grip strength, exhaustion, slow gait speed and low physical activity) [31]
• Living in a community-based setting
• Having a potential fall risk, as assed by the fall risk screening questionnaire [28,29,30]
• Able to independently execute activities of daily living and walk 100 m
• Cognition < 19 points on the Mini-Mental State Examination [32]
• Not able to read or understand Dutch
• Participation in a fall prevention programme in the past 6 months
• Self-reported contra-indications for participation in the In Balance intervention