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Table 2 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Pain assessment and management in care homes: understanding the context through a scoping review

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
• Residential or nursing homes
• Adults living in the above accommodation type
• All types/methods of research or publication, including grey literature, apart from dissertations/theses
• Studies relating to pain assessment and/or management
• Outcomes relating to pain management effectiveness (e.g. pain level alteration, QoL, well-being outcomes, mood, behaviour, barriers or facilitators etc.)
• Any geographical location
• Publication within last 10 years (to relevance to current practice)
• People living at home, in hostels (with minimal supervision or care), in sheltered housing, hospices, or under long stay hospital care
• Dissertations/theses (due to typical length, and resource limitations)
• Publications or reports where an English language translation is not available
• Studies that do not focus on pain assessment or management (e.g. prevalence of pain only)
• Outcomes that do not relate to pain management
• Studies or reports without outcomes (e.g. protocols)
• Studies examining pain assessment tool development or validity as sole focus
  1. QoL = quality of life