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Table 1 Study Flowchart

From: The PROMOTe study: targeting the gut microbiome with prebiotics to overcome age-related anabolic resistance: protocol for a double-blinded, randomised, placebo-controlled trial

Assessment Eligibility Pre-baseline Baseline Interim Interim Pre-final Final
Week of intervention    1 3–5 7–9 11–12 12
Visit modality   Video call Video call Telephone Telephone Telephone Video call
Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria checks X       
Participant information and informed consent X   X     
Randomisation    X     
Postal box sent out   X      
3-day food diary (post/online)   X     X  
Questionnaire (post/online)   X     X  
CANTAB cognitive test (online)   X     X  
Provide supplements (post)    X     
Faecal sample (post)    X    X  
Capillary blood sample (post)    X     X
Urine sample (post)    X    X  
Saliva sample (post)    X     X
Short Physical Performance Battery    X     X
Weight (kg) – if scales available    X     X
Height (cm)    X     X
Check compliance/ adverse effects     X X   
Participants to count leftover supplement sachets        X