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Table 3 ICD code

From: Disability trajectories prior to death for ten leading causes of death among middle-aged and older adults in Taiwan

  ICD9 ICD10
Malignant tumor 140-208 C00-C97
Heart diseases 390-392,393-398,410-414,420-429 I01-I02.0, I05-I09, I20-I25, I27, I30-I52
Pneumoniae 480-486 J12-J18
Cerebrovascular diseases 430-438 I60-I69
Diabetes 250 E10-E14
Injury 800-949 V01-X59, Y85-Y86
Chronic lower respiratory diseases 490-496 J40-J47
Hypertension-related diseases 401-405 I10-I15
Kidney diseases 580-589 N00-N07, N17-N19, N25-N27
Chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis 571 K70, K73-K74
  1. Death certificates between 1996-2007 were drawn based on ICD-9. Those between 2008-2016 were drawn based on ICD-10