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Table 1 EDDIE + program outcome measures

From: A stepped-wedge randomised controlled trial assessing the implementation, effectiveness and cost-consequences of the EDDIE+ hospital avoidance program in 12 residential aged care homes: study protocol

Outcome label Outcome Outcome measures
Effectiveness outcomes
 Primary outcome (Outcome 1) Number of hospital bed days Total number of hospital bed days residents accrued during the baseline and intervention exposure periods, accounting for RAC home occupancy levels.
 Outcome 2 Emergency Department (ED) transfer rates Resident transfers to emergency departments including mode of transfer, diagnosis code, triage category, length of stay (mins) and discharge outcome.
 Outcome 3 Hospital admission rates Residents admitted to hospital as an inpatient (exclusive of dialysis admissions) including diagnosis code (Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Group (AR-DRG)) and mode of arrival.
 Outcome 4 Length of hospital stay and discharge outcome Time (in days/hours) from admission to discharge for each episode of care including diagnosis code, time in intensive care unit and discharge outcomes.
 Outcome 5 Family awareness and experience Family or nominated advocate responses to a short questionnaire and/or interview to ascertain awareness of EDDIE+ and family perceptions and experiences of the program.
 Outcome 6 Staff self-efficacy Staff scores on the Job-related and Group-related Self-Efficacy measure [19]
Cost outcomes
 Outcome 7 Cost of EDDIE+ implementation The cost of implementing the EDDIE+ program will be measured by assigning profession specific wage rates, plus on-costs, to the duration of staff time associated with completing program activities (e.g. training, monitoring, facilitation). It will also include the costs of travel to sites, training materials and medical equipment.
 Outcome 8 Cost of health service use Health service costs to include ambulance transfers, ED presentations and hospital admissions.
Process outcomes
Extent and fidelity of intervention (EDDIE+ program) implementation, impact, and contextual barriers and enablers of the EDDIE+ program