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Table 1 Summary table of model parameters included

From: Cost-utility analysis of a consensus and evidence-based medication review to optimize and potentially reduce psychotropic drug prescription in institutionalized dementia patients

Demographic characteristics of target group Mean age 87.09 (SD 6.675)
Sex 75% women
Geographic characteristics of target group Country Spain
Region Catalonia
Target population minimum age 65
Target population maximum age 90
  Before Intervention After intervention
Incidence rate of dementia in institutionalized patients in our area 40% 40%
Recovery rate 0%a 0%a
Relative Risk of Mortality in baseline health 1 1
Relative Risk of Mortality in dementia patientsb 1.51 1.31
Intervention one-off costs (per patient)   0
Intervention recurrent costs (per patient and year)   48.56€
Healthcare costs baseline health 0 0
Healthcare costs dementia patients 2266 € 1630 €
Utility 0.70 0.27
  1. aRecovery rate was considered 0% because once a patient is diagnosed with dementia there is no recovery. bEstimates on mortality rates were derived from the findings of the DART-AD [2] clinical trial. Baseline health costs were left at 0 since the intervention only focuses on patients that are already in a deteriorated health state (they already have dementia). The healthcare cost deteriorated health after intervention were calculated as the drug-related costs mean per patient recorded at 1 and 6 months after the intervention