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Table 2 Homebound Chinese older adults’ quotes on health conditions and the impacts of being homebound

From: A qualitative study of home health care experiences among Chinese homebound adults

Health condition section Quotes
Chronic disease and oral medicine status 1: “I’m in poor health, I’m old and my whole body hurts. I have to take a lot of medications every day.”
2: “I take this huge container of medications every day. Medications alone cost me over thirty yuan a day. I can’t afford it!”
3: “As one gets older, he becomes like a ‘pill jar.’ I rely on medication to keep myself alive.”
Impact on themselves and their family caregivers 4: “I can’t do anything except stay at home. I can’t do any chores. I have to rely on my family to take care of me.”
5: “My health is pretty bad, I have to rely on my husband for care. My husband quit his job to take care of me. Our children live far away from us, they have jobs and children to take care of, it’s not convenient for them to come over here.”
6: “Before I had the amputation, I used to farm or help people manage a tree farm, now I can’t do anything. I’m in poor health now, and my wife has to take care of me.