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Table 1 ICD 9/10 diagnosis codes that were identified by the Nova Scotia Dementia Strategy as most likely to identify an individual with a diagnosis of dementia using administrative claims data

From: An examination of three prescribing cascades in a cohort of older adults with dementia

Description ICD-9 ICD-10
Alcohol-induced persisting amnestic disorder 290.x F01.x, F05.1
Alcohol-induced persisting dementia 291.1 F10.6
Amnestic disorder in conditions classified elsewhere 291.2 F10.7
Dementia in conditions classified elsewhere 294.0 F04.x
Other cerebral degenerations
Includes: Alzheimer’s disease; Frontotemporal dementia; Senile degeneration of the brain; Communicating hydrocephalus; Idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus; Cerebral degeneration in diseases classified elsewhere; dementia with Lewy’s bodies; Dementia with Parkinsonism; Cerebral degeneration, unspecified.
Excludes: Obstructive hydrocephalus; Reye’s syndrome
331.0–331.3, 331.5–331.7, 331.82, 331.83, 331.89, 331.9 G30.x, G31.0, G31.1, G31.8, G31.9, G32.8, G91.0, G91.2-G91.3, G91.8, G91.9, G94.x
Senility without mention of psychosis 797 R54.x