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Table 5 Factorial analysis results of 12 variables comprising the three dimensions of the multidimensional frailty model. The Frailty in Brazilian Older People Study (FIBRA-BR), 2009–2010

From: A multidimensional approach to frailty compared with physical phenotype in older Brazilian adults: data from the FIBRA-BR study

Variables Factor 1
Factor 2
Factor 3
Self-rated health    0.563
Urinary incontinence 0.459   
Fecal incontinence 0.471   
Sleeping disorder 0.512   
Living alone 0.512   
Having someone who could help when needed   0.429  
Visiting others   0.691  
Receiving visitors   0.701  
Depressive symptoms    0.426
Concern about falls    0.481
Feelings of sadness    0.579
Memory problems    0.568
Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin (KMO) measure 0.782   
Bartlett’s sphericity test < 0.001   
Variance explained 38.6%