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Table 3 CFIR implementation constructs and data sources

From: Enhancing sleep quality for nursing home residents with dementia: a pragmatic randomized controlled trial of an evidence-based frontline huddling program

CFIR Domains & Constructs


Intervention Characteristics

- Relative Advantage [of intervention]

- Staff Interviews

- Frequency of actigraph use per resident


- Planning

- Engaging

- Executing

- Reflecting and Evaluating

- Staff interviews

- Number of actigraphs used with residents

- Amount of supplementary sleep data sent to researchers

Inner setting [of NHs]

- Structural characteristics

- Networks and Communications

- Culture

- Implementation climate

- Staff interviews

- NH characteristics (payment mix, staffing size, chain and ownership status) from CASPER

- Staff attendance at trainings and coaching calls

- Leadership team turnover during intervention

- Frequency of STOP-Bang use

Outer Setting

- Peer Pressure [to implement]

- Staff interviews

- Number of non-trial NHs within a corporation implementing the LOCK sleep intervention