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Table 1 Implementation of the Senior Fitness Test [19] in the OUTDOOR ACTIVE study

From: Sex- and age-specific normative values for handgrip strength and components of the Senior Fitness Test in community-dwelling older adults aged 65–75 years in Germany: results from the OUTDOOR ACTIVE study

Physical fitness domain Senior Fitness Test OUTDOOR ACTIVE
Upper body strength 30s-arm curl test Handgrip strength
Lower body strength 30s-chair stand test 30s-chair stand test
Aerobic endurance 6 min-walk test
2 min-step test
2 min-step test
Lower body flexibility Sit-and-reach test Sit-and-reach test
Upper body flexibility Back scratch test Back scratch test
Dynamic balance 8 ft. up-and-go test /a
  1. aInstead of dynamic balance, static balance was assessed using the 4-stage balance test [20]