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Table 2 The MMSE and MoCA scores of the patients

From: Effect of quadratus lumborum block on postoperative cognitive function in elderly patients undergoing laparoscopic radical gastrectomy: a randomized controlled trial

  Group N 1 day before surgery 7 days after surgery
MMSE Q 30 27.5±1.78 26.8±1.30#
C 29 27.7±1.82 26.0±1.60*
MoCA Q 30 28.5±1.80 27.8±1.68#
C 29 28.3±1.85 26.8±1.93*
  1. Compared with group C, #P<0.05, compared with 1 day before surgery, *P<0.05. Data were compared by repeated-measures analysis of variance
  2. MMSE Mini-Mental State Examination, MoCA Montreal Cognitive Assessment