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Table 4 Summary of findings

From: Does digital technology reduce health disparity? Investigating difference of depression stemming from socioeconomic status among Chinese older adults

Individual socioeconomic status Disparity of depression Digital technology intervention
Average Higher
Mean Median > 0.5 quantile
Father’s education NSa NS Positive b
Self-rated health status during childhood Positivec Positive Increasingd
Education Positive Positive Increasing Strengthen (average)
Weaken (higher)
Income Positive Positive Increasing Weaken
Hukou Positive Positive Positive NS
  1. aNS not significant
  2. birreversible SES variables excluded from the interaction analysis
  3. cThe positive effect means that SES exacerbates health disparity, that is, higher SES leads to lower CES-D scores
  4. dThe increasing effect indicates the trend of SES effect on health disparity