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Table 2 Association between a Quality Improvement Initiative to Reduce PIM Use and Quarterly Unplanned Hospitalization Rates

From: Reduction in unplanned hospitalizations associated with a physician focused intervention to reduce potentially inappropriate medication use among older adults: a population-based cohort study

  Estimatea IRRa (95% CI)
Time (per quarter)b
 Pre-Intervention −0.007 0.993 (0.991, 0.995)
 Intervention −0.018 0.982 (0.979, 0.985)
 Post-Intervention −0.001 0.999 (0.997, 1.001)
  1. aEstimates and incidence rate ratios for quarterly changes in unplanned hospitalization rates during the specified time period from a multivariable longitudinal negative binomial GEE model
  2. bTime represented in the model as the piecewise linear truncated power basis spline. The pre-intervention, intervention, and post-intervention estimates were calculated from the linear combination of coefficients for three time trend variables
  3. IRR Incidence Rate Ratio, CI Confidence Interval, PIM potentially inappropriate medication