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Table 2 Association between a Quality Improvement Initiative to Reduce PIM Use and Quarterly Unplanned Hospitalization Rates

From: Reduction in unplanned hospitalizations associated with a physician focused intervention to reduce potentially inappropriate medication use among older adults: a population-based cohort study



IRRa (95% CI)

Time (per quarter)b



0.993 (0.991, 0.995)



0.982 (0.979, 0.985)



0.999 (0.997, 1.001)

  1. aEstimates and incidence rate ratios for quarterly changes in unplanned hospitalization rates during the specified time period from a multivariable longitudinal negative binomial GEE model
  2. bTime represented in the model as the piecewise linear truncated power basis spline. The pre-intervention, intervention, and post-intervention estimates were calculated from the linear combination of coefficients for three time trend variables
  3. IRR Incidence Rate Ratio, CI Confidence Interval, PIM potentially inappropriate medication