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Table 1 Primary endpoints

From: Primary dementia care based on the individual needs of the patient: study protocol of the cluster randomized controlled trial, DemStepCare

Construct Respondents Instrument at a given time Group comparison
t0 t1
Quality of life (patients) Patients and caregivers
Quality of Life in Alzheimer’s Disease (QOL-AD) [60] QOL-AD IG vs. CG1
Caregiver burden (caregivers) Caregivers
IG + CG1
Berlin Inventory of Caregivers’ Burden with Dementia Patients (in German: Berliner Inventar zur Angehörigenbelastung – Demenz, BIZA-D) [61] BIZA-D IG vs. CG1
Days spent in hospital (patients) Patients and caregivers
IG + CG1
Original item Original item IG vs. CG1
  1. IG intervention group, CG1 control group 1, t0 = study inclusion, t1 = minimum duration of the intervention / nine months after t0