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Table 2 Details of MultiMove with exercise examples

From: Effects of a multimodal exercise intervention on physical and cognitive functions in patients with chronic low back pain (MultiMove): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Training components Exercise Examples of exercise
Phase 1
Examples of exercise
Phase 2
Examples of exercise
Phase 3
Week 1–4 │ Foundational Week 5–8 │ Intermediate Week 9–12 │ Advanced
Life Kinetik® cognitive-motor exercises balancing while counting backwards bouncing a ball while solving arithmetic tasks ball juggling and reacting to external stimuli
Dance choreographies focusing on different dance styles Line dance, Irish dance Pasodoble, Salsa, Cha-cha-cha Tango, Salsa
Strength core stability and strengthening pelvic tilt, abdominal hollowing curl up, bridge, bird dog side plank, hip abductor wall squat
Flexibility range of motion through static stretching of core and hip muscles knee to chest, piriformis stretch hamstring stretch, hip flexor stretch, seated flexion warrior one pose, warrior two pose