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Table 5 Final model for the association between violence victimization and physical health status. Sense of coherence (SOC) was found to have a mediating effect on the association between polyvictimization and physical ill-health. No significant effect was found for reporting only one form of victimization. Social support moderated the mediation effect but not the direct effect

From: Lifetime prevalence of polyvictimization among older adults in Sweden, associations with ill-heath, and the mediating effect of sense of coherence

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  Effect 95% CI
Relative conditional indirect effect (ab)
(Victimization – SOC– Physical health status, moderated by social support)
With social support One form of victimization −0.25 −1.58 0.87
Low polyvictimization −2.26 −4.79 −0.49
High polyvictimization −2.12 −4.03 −0.73
No social support One form of victimization −0.18 −0.83 0.30
  Low polyvictimization −0.47 −1.15 −0.02
High polyvictimization −1.90 −3.52 −0.64
Significance test for moderating effect of social support:
Index of moderated mediation for low polyvictimization: 1.79; CI 0.06–4.07
Relative direct effect (c’): Victimization - Physical health status
(no significant moderation effect of social support)
One form of victimization 0.49 −2.59 3.57
Low polyvictimization −3.58 −6.35 −0.81
High polyvictimization −3.83 −7.48 −0.17
  1. Note: Model summary R2 = 0.19. included in analyses n = 468, missing cases n = 139 Confidence intervals are computed using bootstrapping with 5000 sample. No moderating effect of SOC was found (interaction effect p = 0.81)