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Table 2 Incident rates and rate ratios (ref = usual-care) of falls and healthcare utilization

From: Potential long-term impact of “On The Move” group-exercise program on falls and healthcare utilization in older adults: an exploratory analysis of a randomized controlled trial

Total months outcome occurredIncidence RateaTotal months outcome occurredIncidence RateaIRR
(95% CI)
(95% CI)
Falls8715.07711.41.23 (0.80–1.90)1.08 (0.72–1.62)
ED Visit498.5537.81.04 (0.61–1.77)0.96 (0.55–1.66)
Hospitalization447.6548.00.88 (0.59–1.32)0.82 (0.56–1.21)
  1. Abbreviations: OTM On the Move, IRR incident rate ratio, aIRR incident rate ratio adjusted for attendance, CI confidence interval, ED emergency department
  2. aunits = outcome-month per 1000 person-months