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Table 4 Sensitivity, specificity, positive likelihood ratios (PLR), negative likelihood ratios (NLR) and area under the curve (AUC) of nutritional screening tools

From: The geriatric nutrition risk index versus the mini-nutritional assessment short form in predicting postoperative delirium and hospital length of stay among older non-cardiac surgical patients: a prospective cohort study

 SensitivitySpecificityPLRNLRAUC (95% CI)P (AUC)
Postoperative delirium
  Scores <9228.6%87.0%2.200.820.606 (0.52–0.69)0.019
  Scores ≤9851.0%56.1%1.160.87
 Scores <832.7%89.5%3.110.750.718 (0.64–0.80)<0.001
 Scores <1273.5%56.9%1.710.47
Prolonged length of stay
  Scores <9216.9%84.8%1.110.980.611 (0.54–0.69)0.006
  Scores ≤9861.5%59.6%1.520.65
 Scores <823.1%88.3%1.970.870.533 (0.45–0.62)0.421
 Scores <1250.8%52.5%1.070.94
  1. CI confidence interval, GNRI Geriatric Nutritional Risk Index, MNA-SF Mini-Nutritional Assessment Short Form.