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Table 2 Characteristics of the participating centers

From: Study protocol of a quasi-experimental trial to compare two models of home care for older people in the primary setting

 Integrated HC (PC Gran Sol)Functional HC (PC Apenins)Pa
LocationBadalona, Catalonia, SpainBadalona, Catalonia, Spain 
Professional profileMDs and nurses specialized in family medicineMDs and nurses specialized in family medicine 
Reference populationb, No.19,44219,043 
Over-Aging indexc, %11%9.2%< 0.001
Foreign populationd, n (%)3499 (17.9%)3046 (15.9%)< 0.001
≥65 years old, n (%)3480 (17.9%)2970 (15.6%)< 0.001
GMA, adjusted indicator (IC95%)1.189 (1.173–1.206)1.178 (1.161–1.195)
Mortality, annual ‰75.70.143
IT applicationeCAPeCAP 
  1. HC Home Care, GMA Adjusted Morbidity Groups [21]; IT Information Technology, MD Medical Doctor, PC Primary Care
  2. aDifferences between PC Gran Sol and PC Apenins
  3. bData from Msiq (Generalitat de Catalunya©), period between January and December 2015
  4. cThe number of persons aged 74 or over per total of persons over 64 years old
  5. dThe number of subjects with a foreign nationality