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Table 2 Participant timeline

From: A cluster randomised trial of the program to enhance adjustment to residential living (PEARL): a novel psychological intervention to reduce depression in newly admitted aged care residents

TIMEPOINTEnrolmentT1Intervention periodT2T3T4
1–4 weeks prior to baselineBaselineWeek 1, 2, 3, 5, 7Week 8Weeks 16Week 31
 Eligibility screenX     
 Informed consentX     
 PEARL – 3 sessions, 2 boosters  X   
 Care as usual control  X   
 Mini-Mental Status ExaminationX    X
 Cornell Scale X XXX
 SCID-5-CD – Major depressive disorder X XXX
 Geriatric Anxiety Scale X XXX
 Quality of Life in Alzheimer’s Disease X XXX
 DASS-21 – Stress scale X XXX
 Index of Relocation Adjustment Scale X XXX
 Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Scale X XXX
 Basic Needs Satisfaction in Life Scale X XXX
 Importance of Basic Needs Scale X XXX
 Meaningful Activity in Residential Care Scale X XXX
 View of Relocation Scale X    
 Medical and psychiatric conditions and treatment X XXX
  1. SCID-5-CV Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-5 Disorders – Clinician Version
  2. DASS-21 Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale-21