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Table 3 Contraindicated medications prescribed most frequently for the study population, defined by the CG equation

From: Medication burden and inappropriate prescription risk among elderly with advanced chronic kidney disease

MedicationsPatients (%)
Rilmenidinea92 (16.5)
Rosuvastatin36 (6.5)
Alfuzosin32 (5.8)
Buflomedila20 (3.6)
Acarbose9 (1.6)
Citalopram9 (1.6)
Fenofibrate9 (1.6)
Indapamide9 (1.6)
Spironolactone9 (1.6)
Colchicine, tiemonium, opium6 (1.1)
  1. aRimenidine and buflomedil are both Renally Inappropriate Medications (RIM) and Potentially Inappropriate-for-the-elderly Medication (PIM)