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Table 3 ADL Status of Participants at each Time Point

From: ADL recovery trajectory after discharge and its predictors among baseline-independent older inpatients

Time pointScoring range(point)Median(point)Dependent
Independent N(%)
ADL on admission0~10040(25, 60)402(99.8)1(0.2)
ADL at discharge0~9555(35, 70)403(100.0)0(0.0)
ADL at 1 month after discharge0~10080(60, 100)285(70.7)118(29.3)
ADL at 3 months after discharge0~100100(70, 100)195(48.4)208(51.6)
ADL at 6 months after discharge0~100100(100, 100)174(43.2)229(56.8)