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Table 3 The final predictive model from the multivariable logistic regression together with odds ratios (OR) and 95% confidence intervals (CI)

From: Clinically useful prediction of hospital admissions in an older population

VariableBeta CoefficientORa95% CIp-value
Categorical Variables
 Male gender−0.1230.88(0.82–0.95)0.001
 Diagnoses in hospital care
  C78 Secondary malignant neoplasm of respiratory and digestive organs1.0092.74(1.39–5.49)0.004
  E11 Type 2 diabetes mellitus0.3171.37(1.13–1.66)0.001
  G40 Epilepsy0.8402.32(1.36–3.95)0.002
  Z93 Artificial opening status0.7912.20(1.22–4.01)0.009
 Diagnoses in open-clinic visits
  A09 Other gastroenteritis and colitis of infectious and unspecified origin0.5591.75(1.09–2.75)0.02
  C79 Secondary malignant neoplasm of other and unspecified sites0.8242.28(1.51–3.41)< 0.001
  C83 Non-follicular lymphoma0.9862.68(1.33–5.37)0.005
  D50 Iron deficiency anemia0.3351.40(1.08–1.80)0.01
  E14 Unspecified diabetes mellitus0.1601.17(1.03–1.34)0.02
  F10 Mental and behavioural disorder due to use of alcohol0.9172.50(1.52–4.09)< 0.001
  G20 Parkinson’s diseasae0.5481.73(1.25–2.38)< 0.001
  I20 Angina pectoris0.2211.25(1.04–1.49)0.01
  I25 Chronic ischaemic heart disease0.1281.14(1.01–1.27)0.03
  I48 Atrial fibrillation and flutter0.1831.20(1.08–1.34)< 0.001
  I50 Heart failure0.2761.32(1.15–1.51)< 0.001
  I73 Other peripheral vascular disease0.3661.44(1.08–1.90)0.01
  J44 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease0.5201.68(1.44–1.97)< 0.001
  J84 Other interstitial pulmonary disease0.6421.90(1.11–3.20)0.02
  K50 Crohn disease1.0132.75(1.41–5.29)0.003
  K56 Paralytic ileus and intestinal obstruction without hernia0.7272.07(1.13–3.77)0.02
  M05 Rheumatoid arthritis0.5011.65(1.17–2.31)0.004
  N08 Glomerular disorders1.1763.24(1.26–8.51)0.01
  N18 Chronic kidney disease0.4221.53(1.20–1.93)< 0.001
  R07 Pain in throat and chest0.2131.24(1.05–1.46)0.01
  R10 Abdominal and pelvic pain0.2341.26(1.07–1.48)0.005
  R41 Symptoms and signs involving cognitive function0.3591.43(1.14–1.79)0.002
  R42 Dizziness and giddiness0.2451.28(1.10–1.49)0.002
  R55 Syncope and collapse0.3841.47(1.11–1.93)0.006
  R60 Oedema0.3761.46(1.22–1.73)< 0.001
  S00 Superficial injury of head0.4761.61(1.19–2.18)0.002
  S30 Superficial injury of abdomen, lower back and pelvis0.7092.03(1.17–3.53)0.01
  X50 Overexertion and strenuous or repetitive movements0.7802.18(1.16–4.04)0.01
Continuous Variables
 Age0.0471.05(1.04–1.05)< 0.001
 Non-physician visits0.0091.01(1.01–1.01)< 0.001
 Physician visits0.0191.02(1.01–1.03)< 0.001
 Previous in-ward hospital stays0.0991.10(1.05–1.16)< 0.001
 Emergency room (ER) visits0.1231.13(1.08–1.18)< 0.001
  1. OR Odds Ratio, CI Confidence interval
  2. Based on a training sample (n = 20,364)