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Table 4 Frequency and time to first bloodwork, investigations, and intravenous antibiotics in FTT group compared to controls

From: The diagnosis “failure to thrive” and its impact on the care of hospitalized older adults: a matched case-control study

 FTTControls (hr:min)p-value
hr:minn (%)hr:minn (%)
Bloodworka3:4959 (98%)2:1060 (100%)0.20
Antibiotics1:1915 (25%)1:4030 (50%)0.24
Blood cultures1:5525 (42%)0:4842 (70%)0.12
Chest X-ray1:2547 (78%)0:4750 (83%)0.11
CT scans2:2034 (57%)3:2023 (38%)0.35
  1. aBloodwork included basic complete blood count, electrolytes, glucose, and creatinine