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Table 5 Factor loadings and fit indices from the confirmatory factor analysis of BSAWS, by study (see Fig. 1 for the estimated model)

From: Development and validation of a brief self-assessed wisdom scale

Factor/question 234Combo
6. I have made important decisions throughout my life.λ10.4590.6410.7100.585
18. Reviewing my past gives me a good perspective on my current concerns.λ20.7750.7490.6920.732
22. I can easily express my emotions without feeling like I am losing control of the situation.λ30.8050.7270.7600.760
23. I often recall the past to see if I have changed since then.λ40.5060.5280.5760.538
27. I am good at identifying subtle emotions in myself.λ50.6680.6780.8300.721
29. I often use humour to put other people at ease.λ60.6220.5820.8490.680
34. Now I know I can truly appreciate the little things in life.λ70.8180.8010.8390.815
36. I have learned valuable life lessons with others.λ80.6430.6990.7890.705
40. I often wonder about the mysteries of life and what lies beyond death.λ90.5920.5540.6680.587
Model fit
N 13613598369
 RMSEA 0.0550.0690.0840.049
 RMSEA 90% confidence interval 0.000–0.0930.029–0.1050.038–0.1260.028–0.070
 SRMR 0.0590.0570.0640.040
 χ2 (df = 27) 37.98444.44145.60951.278
 χ2/df 1.411.651.691.90
 CFI 0.9950.9920.9940.996
 TLI 0.9930.9890.9930.995
  1. RMSEA root mean square error of approximation, SRMR standardised root mean residual, CFI comparative fit index, TLI Tucker Lewis index, Study 2 initial study plus 1 month, Study 3 initial study plus 2 months, Study 4 initial study plus 8 months, Combo combined across the three studies