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Table 2 Overview of SMmin results. Shown is the % decrease in the group’s average SMmin from ‘correct to incorrect’ as well as from ‘ADL-flat to Gait Laboratory’, together with associated p-values from the General Linear Mixed Effects Model. FWW: front-wheeled walker, PW: Pickup Walker, SS: Single Support, DS: Dual Support

From: Are older people putting themselves at risk when using their walking frames?

Change from A to BSMmin Single Support FWW & PW CombinedSMmin Single Support FWWSMmin Dual Support FWW
% DecreaseP% DecreaseP% DecreaseP
Correct to Incorrect29.36%< 0.00121.85%0.00512.93%0.008
ADL flat to Gait Lab24.05%0.00228.59%0.0018.70%0.044