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Table 1 Patient participant data to be collected during the study

From: Implementation of the Goal-directed Medication review Electronic Decision Support System (G-MEDSS)© into home medicines review: a protocol for a cluster-randomised clinical trial in older adults

  Measure (s) Baselinea 3-months
 Marital Status    
 Education Status    
 Geographic remoteness/locality PhARIA  
Medication Profile
 Current medication list (prescribed, OTC and complementary, regular or PRN)    
 Changes to medication list (e.g. additions, cessations, ↑↓dose)   
 Ceased medications  
 Adherence MGL
 Attitudes towards deprescribingb rPATD, rPATDCog  
 Anticholinergic and sedative burden DBI
Comorbidity and Physical Function
 Comorbidities FCI
 Cognition Mini-Cog© [46]
 Independent activities of daily living NHCCSFSI
 Physical Function SPPB
 Falls History  
 Institutionalisation (e.g. hospitalisation)  
 Physician visits (e.g. GP or specialist appointments)   
 Goals of careb    
  1. aat the time of the HMR interview; bonly for patients in the intervention arm of the study
  2. PhARIA The Pharmacy Access/Remoteness Index of Australia – quantifies degree of remoteness (geographic and professional) [47], OTC Over-the-counter, PRN when required, MGL Morisky, Green, Levine Scale [48], rPATD revised Patients’ Attitudes Towards Deprescribing [34], rPATDCog Revised Patients’ Attitudes Towards Deprescribing for people with Cognitive impairment [35], DBI Drug Burden Index [28], FCI Functional Comorbidities Index [49], NHCCSFSI National Home and Community Care Services Functional Screening Instrument [50], SPPB Short Physical Performance Battery [51], GP General practitioner
  3. ↑↓ = changes