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Table 2 Sample characteristics (n = 12,646) described using continuous variables

From: Modifiable factors related to life-space mobility in community-dwelling older adults: results from the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging

Characteristic% MissingMeanStandard DeviationMinimumMaximum
Life-Space Mobility (LSI)0.0080.518.370120
Executive Function (MAT)0.0624.28.62051
Memory (REY II)
Nutrition (SCREEN II)0.0838.96.00548
Balance (Single Leg Stance in sec)0.0921.521.80060
Grip Strength (kg)0.1030.010.30.1673.68
Walking speed (m/s)
Social Support (MOS Social Support Survey)0.0380.017.80100
  1. *MAT and REYII are not adjusted for language and level of education