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Table 6 Learner characteristics and analysis of implementation activities, N = 343a

From: Translating facilitated multimodal online learning into effective person-centred practice for the person living with dementia among health care staff in Australia: an observational study

Discipline (n = 343)
 Allied health5717
Type of activities that were translated into practice due to learning (n = 337): b
 Delivery of education16549
 Role modelling of new behaviour15747
 Promotion of the Program12838
 Diversional activities (eg photo album)6720
What impact did the activity have on care provided in the workplace? (n = 287)
Has the activity impacted any of the following:
 The workplace9929
Did the Program provide you with new knowledge and resources to (N = 343)
 - Provide improved care for people with dementia?33598
 - Conduct a CPI project / activity27279
Has the CPI activity been sustained (n = 224)?
How long has the CPI activity been sustained for? (n = 166)
 < 3 months2415
 3–6 months2817
 6–9 months1911
  > 12 months9557
Reasons for not implementing an activityc: (n = 176)
 Lack of time11163
 Workplace competing demands9956
 Lack of workplace resources3419
 Lack of management support3118
 Limited support from colleagues3017
 Do not feel I am in a position to influence change2916
  1. a Some missing data. bSome participants undertook multiple CPI projects. c Multiple responses possible